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"Anna Marketiiing" just became "Anna Marketing". I changed my website, Facebook page and Instagram account. 

Why ? Because Google has decided to change its algorithm and automatically gives answers for "marketing" instead of "marketiiing". It's kind of sad we can no longer create new words but we have to adapt.

C'est la vie !

marketing planning (Anna Marketiiing 's vision of marketing planning)
e-communication (Anna marketiiing 's vision of e-communication) : Facebook page com, website, mailing campaigns
Sales strategy (Anna marketiiing 's vision of sales strategy)
Marketing Planning


Product positioning

Market study



Communication strategy

e- Communication


Facebook page 


emailing campaigns

SEO technics

Sales strategy


Real shop targeting

Direct sales and bazaars, 

Consignement agreements 

Tariff positioning

and much more

My Clients
My partners

well it's more like a tiny little  introduction...  One day I will make real videos... 


All your questions answered by Anna.

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